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Film Transfer - 8mm - Super 8 - 16mm:

We can help you bring your cherished memories and family history back to life! We transfer 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm movie film to digital files and DVD to easily enjoy and share with your family and friends, or edit into your video production.

Know who is handling your movies! 
Emily Williams has 14 years of experience transferring small gauge movie film, and 34 years of photography experience. You can rest assured that your transfers will look head and shoulders above the rest! She takes great pride in her work, and loves helping people view their memories again.

Here’s how it works:
All work is performed in our facility, so there are no worries about your film getting lost in the mail or being outsourced to a third-party transfer house. Your film will always return to you in better shape than it was when we received it. The transfer process begins with a full inspection of every inch of your film. Broken spots or bad splices are repaired, and small reels are consolidated onto larger reels if they are not already spliced together. The film is cleaned using a specialized film cleaner that also polishes and waxes the film to further extend its life. This also ensures a smooth, clear, and sharp transfer.

Bringing it to life:
The film is then digitized “flicker free” from our HD Tobin Cinema System film scanner, straight into our editing software. The transfer is continuously monitored to ensure that color and brightness are as consistent as possible in every single scene. Proper exposure is a must! Once your transfer is complete, any unexposed or blank footage is removed. Color grading and correction are perfected as much as possible. Extra time is taken to make your films look the best they possibly can.

The content can be prepared for whatever format you need. We recommend high quality digital mp4 files, as they are the most current and widely accepted technology available. The movie files are delivered on a USB flash drive, and can be viewed on a computer, BlueRay or Smart TV. Included is one continuous file, and individual files for each reel. We can also create DVDs with customized menus, at an additional cost.

Taking it a step further:
We provide editing services to further customize your project with hardly any limits! You may want to add titles at the beginning of each reel, or subtitle over the film to identify family members or locations. We can edit out unwanted scenes and arrange unlabeled reels in chronological order. You may also wish to add music, voice narration, still photos, slides, or other media. We are fully prepared to assist you with our professional editing facilities to suit any of your advanced needs. Prices vary according to your needs.

What's next?
We recommend that you continue to care for your original films by storing them in a cool, dry location off of the floor. We encourage everyone to pass down materials such as film, video, photos, and slides to your next of kin, in order to continue the preservation of your family history. Believe it or not, film is one of the best formats! It’s the only media that has been proven to last over 100 years if properly stored.

The utmost care is used in handling your family’s history. We treat your materials as if they were our own, and your privacy is always respected.

Pricing is based on how many feet of film you have. Call or make an appointment to bring in your film and get a free estimate.

Film transfer is a very time-consuming process. Most orders take approximately 3 to 5 weeks for turnaround, depending on our workflow, and size of orders in the queue. Rush service is available.

Call (615) 383-3150 or email to set up an appointment.


We transfer 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film to digital files that can be edited on your computer or uploaded to the internet for sharing with others. We can also create DVDs from your film transfer.


We transfer your old VHS, 8mm, Hi 8 and miniDV tapes to DVD. We can digitize your video tape collection to a hard drive for editing on your home computer.


We provide a full range of video editing services. We cdigitize BetaSP, Digibeta, D2, DVCAM and 3/4" U-matic broadcast tape.


We scan photos, negatives and slides. Your photographs and memories are scanned in house on our professional equipment by one of our skilled technicians. Your pictures stay with us and are NEVER sent out.

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